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Bora Bora SUP makes paddling in the lagoon fun and safe. We will take you to the best of the best for great paddling no matter your skill level. We guarantee your tours will be an unforgettable stand up paddle experience.(amazing color of the lagoon, eagle rays, white sand, coral).

Kite boarding? Wakeboarding and stand up paddle instructor, live in Bora Bora for more than 11 years

His Team will be happy to share their experience with you

Instructeur de kite surf, de wake board et de stand up paddle, habite à Bora Bora depuis 11 ans

Son Team et lui seront ravis de vous faire partager leur experience et leur connaissance du milieu marin

Bora Bora is one of the best island in the world to practice and learn kite boarding or wakeboarding, water ski and more...

Shallow and warm water, study wind...

kite movies in Bora Bora

Alban Herdzina

Try a new activity, try kite boarding or wakeboarding

Essayez une nouvelle activité

Bora Bora est un des meilleurs spots dans le monde pour pratiquer et apprendre le kite surf

Eau chaude et peu profonde, vent constant....

Video de kite à Bora Bora

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